Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequine Service, Neck Joint Service

Get Perfect Ghost Mannequin Service at Clipping Partner India

Ghost Mannequin Service is commonly used by online retailers and brands to give their products 2D, 3D, and hollow man effect. It is also known as invisible mannequin service.

Ghost Mannequin is especially useful for things like shirts, jeans, blazers and jackets to help customers more easily think about themselves dressed in the apparel. Many garment brands and retailers across the world want to capture all of their clothes using this style to maintain reliability.

Types of Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service

There are many types of neck joint service available in the graphic design industry. Here we have highlighted a few significant neck joint services. These are:

  • 2D joint
  • 3D or 360 degree joint
  • Sleeves Joint
  • Bottom Joint
  • Watch wrist combination
  • Jewelry neck combination
  • Scarf neck combination

Why You Should Use Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Service?

This is because it will allow your customer to have a better outlook of what it is that they want to buy. Given that, the consumer may not be able to make it to where the particular shop is, this will help them to have a 3D or 2D outlook of the product. It also provides an internet marketing technique since the after pictures are eye-catching making people view your website. In the term of publications, it will provide the audience with a more interesting image in comparison to what they may be used to seeing. It will also act as a buyer retention technique since the ones that have purchased products from you will be stunned at pictures and choose to buy your product or service.

Why You Need Ghost Mannequin Service?

Using ghost mannequin you provide your clients with a better shopping experience. It not only allows attracting new clients to your product but also helps to maintain your present ones and make more sales from returning buyers.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Services

The ghost mannequin service offers you with plenty of deal. This is a great design idea if you want to change the look of your e-commerce shop and entice new customers to your website. Studies have shown that a well-designed shop improves the chances of customers purchasing your products. Investing a little time in the design of your site with ghost mannequin services can offer you a significant return and help you sell more outfits to wider viewers. Here we have highlighted some benefit of ghost mannequins

  • An efficient and cost-effective way to promote your products
  • The special style of the product photography that allows a customer to view an outfit’s item in a 3D environment.
  • Successful ways to effectively show your product unique shape and fit
  • Ghost Mannequin Beneficial for both Customer and seller
  • It is the most essential parts to convey your product full dimension

The Products of Ghost Mannequin Service

For creating the 2D and 3D shape of various clothing items, plastic dolls are used instead of the human figure. Below are listed some products In which ghost mannequin is applied.

  • Shirts, T-shirts, Lady t-shirts and Polo shirt
  • Pants, Trousers, Cargo pants
  • Lingerie, Lady belt, Jean
  • Jackets, Girl jacket, Down jacket, Hoody, Sweater
  • Coats, Necktie, Party dress, Party costume
  • Women skirt, Workwear, Prom dress
  • Cap and Jerseys
  • Children cloth

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Service?

If you are in the garment industry and you need to boost pictures of the clothing that you show on your web page, then you certainly need the Photoshop ghost mannequin service. These services are also valuable for online shopping centres that need to show off a complete view of the apparel that they sell. With this, you can certainly entice many clients into your web page and into your store as well.

Here we make a list of our client, who takes ghost mannequin service.

  • E-shop, garments retailers and brands
  • Fashion photographer
  • Readymade garments
  • News and Magazines site
  • Professional clothing photographer
  • Marketing and advertising for TV
  • Annual Reports
  • Printing

ghost mannequin service, neck joint service

At Clipping Partner India we turn your product shots into a masterpiece. In trendy e-commerce brands, our Ghost Mannequin service makes a superb alternative for Flat Lay Photography.  We make dynamic, realistic as well as eye-popping representations of attires. This is important in highlighting the garments’ style, fit and feel when they go on sale online.

How We Deliver Our Service?

Whether you shoot your online garment product for eCommerce or others but this is not clear for using directly. Therefore we can work on your files to achieve the most natural-looking image. We have a special team for ghost mannequin and neck joint service. 

After you have done product shooting just upload your images and send them to us (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP and others) with your requirements and clear instructions.

As soon as we get your images and the instructions, our production team starts working immediately. We are trying to have the fastest turnaround period. 

After the first step done of the post-processing of your image, all the products are checked 3 times by our highly experienced quality controller. 

After finishing your work we are prepared to send your hundred percent handmade work. 

After sending your done files we notify you via mail and if you do not like our work you can send them for corrections. We are doing unlimited corrections until your satisfaction. Just Request a Quote to Clipping Partner India’s ghost mannequin experts.

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