Color Correction Service

Get Color Correction Services From Experts

Photoshop color correction service help you to correct the white balance and also set the contrast, sharpness, right brightness of a image.

Discolored images are disgusting and not good to look at. However, one cannot avoid such images. Meanwhile it is important t note that some of your best images will at some point get discolored. Similarly, when images become old they get discolored. Luckily, at Clipping Partner India, we offer Color Correction Service whose objective is to restore your discolored images.

Why You Need Color Correction Service?

Color Correction may entail making your prints, photos in the album to look good. It has everything to do with color enhancement   which may consist of tone adjustment, exposure, increasing the brightness and contrast as well as balancing the shadow.  At Clipping Partner India, we offer color correction to TIFF file and JPEG files. If you have portraits that are damaged, you can trust us to correct them. Similarly, if the landscape of your photos is damaged, it is our work to restore it.  We work on single pictures as well as mass pre-press.

Our experts are highly experienced in color balancing, adjusting density & saturation, skin tone adjustment and overall photo color adjustment. They also carry out profile manipulation and conversion.

If you have an album of photos, it may be essential for you to check whether they need color correction or not.  Check if the discolored photos or if they have shadows that make them look so dark. If any of this is present, the photos are in dire need of Color Correction Service.

Before we carry out color correction service, we start by adjusting and balancing the light. This is followed by using appropriate Photoshop tools to vary the tone. Finally, we consider the clarity and the sharpness of the pictures.  Other things we check to ensure that our color correction procedure is successful include exposure, changing color temperature and tint.

Our Photoshop Color Correction Process

Before carrying out color adjustment, we visualize how the photos will look like changing color. We figure out how the photo would look like in several colors, This helps us to choose color  correction service that will give the picture a robust and a spirited look.  We have creative designers who will work on your photos and give you pictures that look good.

To give the photos a good look, our color correction team will work to enhance the images overall quality and give it the required resolution.  Our highly talented team of graphic designers will work on the graphics and carry out systematic color correction till we have good looking images.
Who are the beneficiaries of our color correction services?

Clipping Partner India works for publishing companies, websites owners, printing houses and individuals wishing to have photo color correction.  To ensure that you get excellent and professionally looking photos, color correction is mandatory. All you need to do is to provide us with the images and we shall have the correction done.  One thing that we guarantee at Clipping Partner India is that we do not pass or give your images to third parties. This means your images will be safe in our hands. If you have bulky images that require color correction, just get in touch and we shall avail the service.

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